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Hush Money (Talent Chronicles)

Hush Money (Talent Chronicles)
Talent Chronicles (Book 1)
Published on August 3, 2010

Two things were normal for a Talent. One. Hiding, the best choice a Talent was always left with. Two. Be noticed and you'll disappear.

Joss knew and she was doing pretty good herself at it. But just when she thought she could go on unnoticed, the ultimate ex-suitor bully started to pick on her. Added to that, a beauty was sticking to her and being a "best friend." Now her normalcy was totally shaken with her crush's noticing her.

With a lot of disturbances in the life lived in the hush, Joss could either fight with her Talent... or with the unnoticed powers of... who knows what...

"You are so not the boss of me."


Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! O_O I promise I don't have an echolalia. I just couldn't help it! The book was enthralling and never failed to give me palpitations from excitement, the thrill!!! I so loved it. I'm recommending it to people who love mystery, supernatural stuff, romance. Oh, everyone! There.

I honestly wasn't able to read the book it just one sitting with a lot of activities at hand here during my school's Founder's Week Celebration. Thinking that I won't be able to enjoy the book was not impossible. Found out, I was kidding myself. Reading this after some busy days and exhausted, this book got the amazing power of drawing me into a world of celestial bliss! I've been dying to read another book like this.

Right from the beginning I was curious of what the story would bring me and it doesn't stop me anywhere in between. I'm still curious. I wanna read the next book now which is impossible. I'm actually at loss for words now. "Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!-state is still staying with me" Can I just stop and only say IT'S TOTALLY AMAZING!?!

Seriously, it is so amazing my heart's still pounding hard just by thinking about it and looking at the book's cover. It's a book for all ages. :-) I guess I'll stop here before I spill some spoilers and ruining the fun you could have if you read it. And I urge! you to. :-D LOL

I'm so rating this book...

TWO THUMBS UP!!! + more!

Before I forget, I would like to thank Susan Bischoff, for giving me the gift of letting me read Hush Money (Talent Chronicles). I'm so waiting for you're next book! ^__^ And thanks to Kait Nolan, for informing me about the book, introducing me to another great author and work. You guys are awesome! <3

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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White @ HarperTeen

OMG! So I read Paranormalcy.. err.. the first 9 chapters only.. hehehe! For FREE!
Yup! You read it right. First 9 chapters of Paranormalcy can be read for free at HarperTeen 

Since I've read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, I haven't actually enjoyed a book like 100% without thinking of Hush, Hush (Patch! ahem!). Because of this, I wasn't expecting anything from the reading I'm about to do when I clicked on the free read link. I was dying to read it, though.

A normal girl working for a paranormal agency was about to be a victim of a vampire, fetched by a faerie ex-boyfriend who still wants her ( i wanna have one! lol ), talking to a mermaid bestfriend, having creepy dream that seem to be a calling or something, then a cool shape shifter. *blink blink* 


Waaaah! I so wanna be in this world. Plus the book was introduced by Becca Fitzpatrick! I admit it was the go signal for me to read the story. But, I am proud to say that it didn't influence me while reading the story. So far, I loved the story! The 9 chapters made me want for more. It left me hanging. I hope the continuation, the whole book, is really really great and will sweep me off my feet when I read all of it. Just like it did to me with just 9 chapters! It wasn't even half the mystery in the story. 

I also couldn't wait for more sizzling love love from Reth, the ex-bf of Evie, and Lend, the shape shifter. woooh! Can't wait for more. >3<

I bet I'm going to give this book a two thumbs up. Hopefully soon. ^__^

Read on the freebie chapters and enjoy!

~ astounding dreams

P.S. I didn't proofread this. Sorry for some typo's en grammatical errors. I'm just so sleepy and I wanna share this before I catch Z's. :)


The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

by L. J. Smith
Audio book performed by Rebecca Mozo

A blonde, Elena Gilbert, just got back from France. Her school queen status never wavered, until a mysterious transfer student, Stefan Salvatore, showed no interest in her. He humiliated her in every eyes of the student body. Not talking nor giving her a damn made her want him badly.

Then, there's her childhood friend was becoming an enemy, suddenly threatening that it might not be long for her to be dethroned.

But with the unfriendly treatment she gets from Stefan, she was treated affectionately by an unknown handsome man.

What else could a teenage high school’s problems be? School? Fame? Love... Triangle?

Life for Elaine was greedy for more. There were more problems she got than an average teenager. It seemed that she was being watched. Worse, she always finds herself in danger whenever across the bridge, in the cemetery.

It was then on one of her troubles that Stefan finally talked to her kindly. But just as she grew close to him, knew his secrets, and knew what was in his heart, she lost him.

Nowhere to be found by everyone else, Elaine was left no other choice but face her fear.



Vampires. Again? T_T
Before anything else, I didn’t watch the series and I never bought Blue Bloods or any Vampire Diaries book knowing they’re about vampires, vampires, vampires. Twilight Saga was enough for me. I had loved the idea that it’s the only series I’ve read and loved with vampires as main characters. Until I read Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood). But, I still resisted of being tempted and buying a Vampire Diaries book.

It was not until a classmate of mine gave me a copy of the first 5 VD audiobooks that I gave the series my attention.

It wasn’t that vampirey at all. Yeah. Vampirey. Lol It had lots of suspense that spiced up the vampire love story. I was confused with the cover and the description of Elena. She’s supposed to be blonde. Anyway, the flow of the story at first was slow. It gradually increases and that made me feel better and liked to go on and read more. As for the characters, I feel sorry for Matt. He’s too martyr? Or stupid. I don't know.

What I really liked about the story is the suspense in it. Though it is serious stuff it got, there was one line.. nooo! I forgot the line. There was this line that in a serious conversation that made me laugh. Ugh! I don’t like how this sounds. I forgot the line!!!! Oh, well. This is one aspect I don't like about audio books. I can't scan through the pages and look for the lines I like. Hm.

I rate the book.. err.. I don’t know! I’m kinda multi-tasking when I read it.

Between a thumb and two thumbs up! LOL That’s it! One! >_<

*may contain spoiler*
I just don't like how lousy Elena accepted the confessions of Stefan. She was like a bit apathetic for me when her boyfriend was in pain. Maybe... not apathetic. The flashback (confession) was too long. I was sleepy listening to Stefan. If it was a hard copy I was reading, I would've enjoyed the part.

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Kiss of the Night

by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks (April 6, 2004)

Okay, I finally admit. I'm into Adult Romance now. LOL
I was actually not in the mood to read this book 'cause I didn't plan it and I wasn't into adult romances, except BDB series (XP), until now.

I still read it anyway.

Prologue. Uh... Greek? As in Greek mythology? You must be kidding me! My classmate who lent me this expects me to read something related to this Greek stuff when I don't even know which god is which? I put down the book. Maybe read you later when I know those gods... or never.

Days passed. A week has passed. I was finally able to move on. Chapter one and so on.


Running away has always been too familiar to the 26-year-old Apollite Cassandra. 
She has been doing it with her family all her life. As the heiress and only one left in her bloodline, she’s being sought by her own people, including those who turned daimons, believing her death would set them free.

Finally, whe found someone who’d not only saved her, but also swept her off her feet. She’s found her mysterious warrior, her lover, her beloved Wulf… her Dark-Hunter.

Even though a savior has been found, she was still struggling with a curse and wants to live longer. She needed to fight & keep away from…

Three… Apollites.

Two… Daimons.

Three… Dark-Hunters.

Finding out that her lover in her dreams was a sworn enemy, she ought to stay away from him. But, she could not escape.

With hate and desire for each other, unravel the secrets Cassandra’s and Wulf’s lives as they fight not only for her life but the world’s, as well.


I think I should have read it sooner. >_< It's a sad thing I haven't read the first book.
The story was great. Detailed descriptions were not that annoying as it usually did to me. The plot was great, too, with characters blending in well.
And the fire in it? RAWR! LOL

There's one thing I don't like about it, though. Wulf is too old for me! XD 

I give this book a TWO THUMBS UP.

Gotta read the first book!
And I think I'm going to read 'bout some mythology. ;)

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Lover Eternal

by J. R. Ward
Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2
Published March, 2006

Mary witnessed a person suffer. It was her beloved mother. And she definitely knows how it feels doing everything that eventually turns out useless. 'Miracles happen,' her mom said, which she thinks is invective. Could we blame her? Her mother died believing in miracles, that's why.

Not long after, it became her turn to experience what her mom had. With no one to lean on, no relative nor really close friend, she fought her threatening disease.

She led a very ordinary life by herself. Until, she felt the comeback of her dreaded disease, called again by her stalker, friend acting a bit weird, then... meeting an effing hot guy!

He wanted her and she found herself drawn towards the man despite the "seeing a DANGER sign on his forehead." Well, she got away from him. She was a strong-willed woman who's felt low about herself after going through therapies.

Will she really choose to distance herself from the possibility of finally being loved and in love?
She's running away. But...

Suddenly caught in a world of vampires, unusual pale guys, and hotties, follow Mary as she fights between what she thinks is better than love in this second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward.


*blink blink*

I think I'm advertising the book crazily with this crazy state of mine. LOL It's like making the book into YA. when it's really YA-Y=A) Okay. Hehe!

In this book, it's Rhage's, one of the Black Dagger Brothers, shot on love. He met Mary, who thinks he's just playing around with her and is too good to be true. He's got the face and body and she's got skin and bones? Something like that. :)

Too cheesy and sensual were the things I expected to flood the book. But, ugh! I regret for ever thinking of it that way. Sorry, J. R. Ward. It was a great story! I was like drawn into their world I can't stop myself looking for other BDB books. And for the record, I cried, again, because of a book. New Moon (S. Meyer) is still the first and on top of my list for making me cry, though. I really cried nearing the end. My heart was aching as Rhage's was. I was touched and... I laughed! Yeah. I laughed out loud right after crying. The book ended great! Makes me want to read more and more and more. :D

Read and see what happened. I recommend it with two thumbs up!


~astounding dreams


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