Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lover Eternal

by J. R. Ward
Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2
Published March, 2006

Mary witnessed a person suffer. It was her beloved mother. And she definitely knows how it feels doing everything that eventually turns out useless. 'Miracles happen,' her mom said, which she thinks is invective. Could we blame her? Her mother died believing in miracles, that's why.

Not long after, it became her turn to experience what her mom had. With no one to lean on, no relative nor really close friend, she fought her threatening disease.

She led a very ordinary life by herself. Until, she felt the comeback of her dreaded disease, called again by her stalker, friend acting a bit weird, then... meeting an effing hot guy!

He wanted her and she found herself drawn towards the man despite the "seeing a DANGER sign on his forehead." Well, she got away from him. She was a strong-willed woman who's felt low about herself after going through therapies.

Will she really choose to distance herself from the possibility of finally being loved and in love?
She's running away. But...

Suddenly caught in a world of vampires, unusual pale guys, and hotties, follow Mary as she fights between what she thinks is better than love in this second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward.


*blink blink*

I think I'm advertising the book crazily with this crazy state of mine. LOL It's like making the book into YA. when it's really YA-Y=A) Okay. Hehe!

In this book, it's Rhage's, one of the Black Dagger Brothers, shot on love. He met Mary, who thinks he's just playing around with her and is too good to be true. He's got the face and body and she's got skin and bones? Something like that. :)

Too cheesy and sensual were the things I expected to flood the book. But, ugh! I regret for ever thinking of it that way. Sorry, J. R. Ward. It was a great story! I was like drawn into their world I can't stop myself looking for other BDB books. And for the record, I cried, again, because of a book. New Moon (S. Meyer) is still the first and on top of my list for making me cry, though. I really cried nearing the end. My heart was aching as Rhage's was. I was touched and... I laughed! Yeah. I laughed out loud right after crying. The book ended great! Makes me want to read more and more and more. :D

Read and see what happened. I recommend it with two thumbs up!


~astounding dreams

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  1. Wicked review!=) I have yet to read this highly recommended series!=) but I want to!!