Wednesday, July 28, 2010

aStounding dReaMs

Hi guys! :)

I'm Beedee and this is my first blog that I'm gonna take seriously(?) ;P

I basically planned on making this a bookblog but, with my random nature, I'd probably include some other stuff I feel like sharing. Hehehe! Oh! Anime and manga would be one of them! (waaaaaaah!) But, I hate to say that they won't be included here. I do love them! Even scanlating and editing pics for Crunchyroll avi! Though, for some reasons, I won't be saying anything 'bout them anymore. >_< bah! I miss them! Haven't told them goodbye. ;(
Anyway.. wait.. I think that's all of it. (LOL)

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love lots,


  1. WhOO hoOo!!=) I am your first follower!=)

    Seriously, blog about anything that interests you!=)

    Hey... I would love to offer you a chance to guest post on my blog. Perhaps, a book review post with some info about your new blog with a link? LMK- the offer is open any time.

    I am fairly new myself and still learning a while bunch as I go.

    =) Aloha!

  2. Welcome to blogging Beedee!!! =)))

    Thanks for following my blog and Im a follower too!

  3. Gee! Thanks to both of you. ^___^

    I'm speechless despite the fact that I'm talkative. Hehe!