Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeling the Versuaz Fashion

Two years ago, I came across an online apparel store called VERSUAZ STORE. I was planning on buying and/or reselling their products. Not only are their products great and enchanting to the eyes, they sell them at affordable prices, too! But with the freshness of news about scams, I told myself to not fall for it and rejected the idea.

August 6, 2010. As I was checking out my Facebook, there it was again. I clicked twice and I'm back to Versuaz. It's real! It's real! I wasn't able to control myself but feel excited to be finally having my hands on one of their products.

Can't wait to have the Versuaz vibes. :-D

Now I'm off to and look for one of my happiness. Fashion.

Join Me. ^__^

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