Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost and Searching

It's been a week already and I still feel so lost. I have tried reading books (Hush Money helped), did some business, surfed online, wanted to work online, studied numerology, and all the stuff I could think of. They didn't change anything, though. I still FEEL LOST.

There are two things I haven't done with this searching task of mine. One, the one that must not be named. LOL
Two, graphics editing. I want to make my blog have the personalized feel. Don't want to do it now, though. See? I'm so lost. *sigh*

Anyway, since I want to do some graphics editing tonight, I'm going to share to you the stuff I did before. Approximately more than three months ago. I just started making these editing that time. And *poooof* I took a break from it 'cause it was too addictive for me that I may not be able to concentrate on my review classes for a license examination. Apparently, that's what's happening today considering that I'm always in front of my laptop and books. LOL

So, here they are. ^__^
Not in chronological order... dates when I made them. Can't remember them. So... Hehe!

I made this one for a friend. :)

This one's for my Facebook proffy pic. I deactivated my original FB account, so it's this pic's nowhere to be found on FB now. Hehehe!

Made for my CR proffy pic. ^__^

These four guys are membership cards I tried to make for Vampire Knight Buff group on CR. They're not the official membership cards, though. It was my very first time to make membership cards and I still needed to learn a lot. So, I tried making a few and find out some techniques unique on my own. :)

I know they're not great. I just want to share them, ok? Hehe!
And more stuff I want to share below.

IKR? The second one's my proffy pic here. Hehe!
These are avi freebies I made for the Glorious Mist group, also on CR.
Gosh! I wanna visit that site again. But I'm not allowed. And I'm so not going there and destroy something very precious to me.

The first dudes my very first avi made for a freebie/another person. I actually don't like it. LOL
The second one's my fave! All-time fave. I don't know how to do something like that, anymore! >_<
This sucks. Haha! Oh, they're for The Creative People group. Still on CR.

Weeeh! I finally know how to edit text! But I don't know how, anymore. Hahaha!
An avi request made by a Vampire Knight Buff member. Since she didn't request any artist/graphic moderator, I decided to make it. Well, if the group's active that time, I'm sure I'm so not going to make it 'cause I'm not confident. And the reason's obvious here. LOL

Now... when did I deactivate my first FB account? Hmm. Can't remember. Last May? If not, early days of June. Anyway, I made this pic below on that day.

There. :) These are actually not all. I made some profile pics, but they would give away a lot about myself. And I don't think I'm so ready to do that. I'm a privy person. That changes when you talk to me a lot, though. Hehe!

Okay. This post basically took a lot of my time for editing graphics today. Should I try editing again? Or not? I thought I found something I like to do. Now I'm lost again. XD
So frustrating. >_<

~ astounding dreams


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