Monday, August 16, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

by L. J. Smith
Audio book performed by Rebecca Mozo

A blonde, Elena Gilbert, just got back from France. Her school queen status never wavered, until a mysterious transfer student, Stefan Salvatore, showed no interest in her. He humiliated her in every eyes of the student body. Not talking nor giving her a damn made her want him badly.

Then, there's her childhood friend was becoming an enemy, suddenly threatening that it might not be long for her to be dethroned.

But with the unfriendly treatment she gets from Stefan, she was treated affectionately by an unknown handsome man.

What else could a teenage high school’s problems be? School? Fame? Love... Triangle?

Life for Elaine was greedy for more. There were more problems she got than an average teenager. It seemed that she was being watched. Worse, she always finds herself in danger whenever across the bridge, in the cemetery.

It was then on one of her troubles that Stefan finally talked to her kindly. But just as she grew close to him, knew his secrets, and knew what was in his heart, she lost him.

Nowhere to be found by everyone else, Elaine was left no other choice but face her fear.



Vampires. Again? T_T
Before anything else, I didn’t watch the series and I never bought Blue Bloods or any Vampire Diaries book knowing they’re about vampires, vampires, vampires. Twilight Saga was enough for me. I had loved the idea that it’s the only series I’ve read and loved with vampires as main characters. Until I read Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood). But, I still resisted of being tempted and buying a Vampire Diaries book.

It was not until a classmate of mine gave me a copy of the first 5 VD audiobooks that I gave the series my attention.

It wasn’t that vampirey at all. Yeah. Vampirey. Lol It had lots of suspense that spiced up the vampire love story. I was confused with the cover and the description of Elena. She’s supposed to be blonde. Anyway, the flow of the story at first was slow. It gradually increases and that made me feel better and liked to go on and read more. As for the characters, I feel sorry for Matt. He’s too martyr? Or stupid. I don't know.

What I really liked about the story is the suspense in it. Though it is serious stuff it got, there was one line.. nooo! I forgot the line. There was this line that in a serious conversation that made me laugh. Ugh! I don’t like how this sounds. I forgot the line!!!! Oh, well. This is one aspect I don't like about audio books. I can't scan through the pages and look for the lines I like. Hm.

I rate the book.. err.. I don’t know! I’m kinda multi-tasking when I read it.

Between a thumb and two thumbs up! LOL That’s it! One! >_<

*may contain spoiler*
I just don't like how lousy Elena accepted the confessions of Stefan. She was like a bit apathetic for me when her boyfriend was in pain. Maybe... not apathetic. The flashback (confession) was too long. I was sleepy listening to Stefan. If it was a hard copy I was reading, I would've enjoyed the part.

~ astounding dreams

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