Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skip a Starbucks Day! and Save a Life :)

Not one of us is an exception from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

No man is an island.

To give is better than to receive.

We hear a lot of these, and some may just brush it off thinking they could do everything on their own. That they have the power and they need not depend on someone or ask for even a little help. In our present time, not only some but a lot of people do need our help.

You and I are blessed enough. Why are you able to go on the internet and surf for long hours if you are not blessed? 

Blessings are to be shared. Well, that's what I believe. And I have a very soft spot when it comes to a mother and a child. That's probably why I really wanted to help them, which I did today. I hope you will, too, by at least skipping a Starbucks for a day. You can click on the image below and read on a mother and daughter's story and on how much your help will be appreciated by them... and me! ^__^

Oh! This is what I always forget. I haven't even done this, yet.
You can join some a lot of GIVEAWAY contests if you help us.
They're on the same page of the story.

~ astounding dreams

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